How can I sign the rental agreement? And how to download a PDF version?

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Last Updated: 1 month ago

You can read, sign and download the rental agreement via the Online Check-in Portal.

In the last tab of the Check-in Portal, called Sign & Send, you can read the Rental Agreement by clicking on the link under the white square. Once you have read it and are ready to sign the rental agreement, you can sign in the white square below the words Rental Agreement. Use your finger to sign when on a device with a touchscreen like a smartphone or use your mouse, click and draw your signature.

Then click on the green button SAVE to save your signature. This takes a few seconds to minutes depending on your internet connection. Then it is saved. Your signature might look pixelated or "slightly different" but that is normal. When you open the Rental Agreement again, via the link, you'll see that your signature is just as you intended.

When clicking the Rental Agreement link you'll also have the option to print or download a pdf version of the agreement.

The final step of the Online Check-in Process: reading & signing the rental agreement

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