Is there space for luggage? What kind of baggage should we bring?

Spaceships Crew
Last Updated: 1 month ago

Travelling light is always the best option when going on a long & amazing road trip. Cooking & sleeping gear is included with your Spaceship so you don't need to bring much.

We recommend that you travel with soft bags - like a backpack or duffel bag. There is room for two of these in the lockable storage compartment of your Spaceships campervan. The storage dimensions of all Spaceships in Australia are: 1.04m x 0.54m x 0.33m (L x W x H).

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  • use packing cubes to compress your clothes and keep them nice & tidy. You'll be amazed how much air you can get out when using a packing cube. And you'll keep your bag or backpack super-organised!

  • roll clothes instead of folding them to keep them nice & (almost) wrinkle-free.

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